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An alcohol assessment in Hopkins Minnesota - dial phone 1.763.432.1311 to schedule an appointment at the independent Alcohol Assessment Center of MN – is a type of evaluation designed to detect and diagnosis substance use disorders. At the appointment, the assessor asks a series of questions meant to determine if a person is experiencing alcohol or drug related problems – and help people receive treatment services when appropriate. The test is also referred to as a comprehensive chemical use assessment, rule 25, or chemical dependency evaluation.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to schedule this assessment at a local for-profit drug treatment center. As reported by the respected Center on Addiction at New York University, for-profit treatment centers can be poorly run, ineffective, and profit-driven. This often leads to people completing alcohol assessments to feel pressured or recruited into rehab. When a person is completing a court ordered alcohol assessment test, the court or probation agent will mandate that a person follow the recommendations made during an assessment. Unfortunately, many people are misdiagnosed or incorrectly assigned to long-term, costly treatment programs. Rule 25 assessments completed at for-profit treatment centers are inherently biased toward recommending treatment services. While financially profitable, this is a conflict of interest and a person needing an assessment should always seek out an independent assessment from a neutral third party.

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The leading independent alcohol assessment agency in Hopkins is the Alcohol Assessment Center. Call phone 1.763.432.1311 to schedule your appointment. They offer alcohol and rule 25 assessments for Minnesota residences. Appointments are available in person and also via HIPAA compliant video conference (also called telemedicine). Day, evening, and weekend appointments are available.

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The Rule 25 assessment in Hopkins is a type of alcohol and drug evaluation that is offered in Minnesota. The assessment consists of over 50 questions and is 20-pages in length. The state statutes that guide the assessment process are under Minnesota Administrative Rules 25xxx, thereby naming the evaluation “Rule 25.” The Rule 25 assessment is used to help individuals get into substance use disorder treatment and access specialized treatment funds for low income under- or uninsured individuals. Up until recently, the Rule 25 assessment was needed by a treatment center prior to admission. Recent changes and reform have occurred with the intention to help more people access treatment and reduce barriers for alcohol and drug treatment services.

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The alcohol assessment is a specially designed structured interview that asks a person wide-ranging question. Questions inquire on past/current chemical use, alcohol abuse or drug abuse problems, past/current legal issues, friends and family, recreational activities, employment, mental health, and physical health. There are also questions to determine if a person is experiencing symptoms of alcohol use disorder such as:

Are you experiencing cravings for alcohol?
Have you continued to drink despite alcohol causing you problems?
Have you been unsuccessful in attempts to quit drinking?
Have you consumed more alcohol than intended on any days in the past year?
Does it currently take more alcohol to get the desired effect than it did in the past?

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Hopkins Scheduling Hotline: phone 1.763.432.1311
Day/evening appointments via videoconference or in person