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An alcohol assessment - call phone 1.763.432.1311 to schedule - is a test to determine if a person needs alcohol treatment. Oftentimes it is probation or court ordered following a DUI, DWI, OWI, or other alcohol-related offense. Additionally, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Department of Vehicle Services (DVS), or Wisconsin department of motor vehicles (DMV) sometimes require the assessment. When ordered, the person being assessed will be required to follow recommendations made during the assessment, including rehab or alcohol treatment.

Commonly, many people make the mistake to complete their evaluation at a for-profit alcohol treatment recruiting center. When this occurs, the person being assessed can be pressured or recruited into alcohol treatment at a poorly ran for-profit treatment center – even when it is not medically appropriate or necessary. When this happens, judges, probation agents, and/or the DMV will require persons being assessed to comply with treatment recommendations to get their driver’s license back and/or to stay in compliance with the terms of their probation.

According to a report by the acclaimed Center on Addiction at New York University, people commonly have these and other bad experiences at rehab clinics. Because of these implications, it is important to schedule your alcohol evaluation with an independent testing agency so that you get an unbiased, fair alcohol assessment – where your interests are considered. The leading independent alcohol assessment agency is the Alcohol Assessment Center. Call phone 1.763.432.1311 to schedule your appointment.

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Rule 25 refers to the governing Minnesota statutes for comprehensive chemical use assessments. The statutes or rules in place dictate how the assessment process should take place and the process to access state treatment funds for a person that lacks health insurance. Due to state-wide rule 25 reform, the rules are changing soon so that more people around the state of Minnesota seeking help with an alcohol or drug problem will have access to treatment services. Ensuring compliance with Rule 25 is assigned to the Minnesota Department of Human Services

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During an alcohol, chemical, or rule 25 assessment, the person will want to arrive at the testing site 10-minutes to give enough time to complete any intake paperwork. Oftentimes there is an intake form where the client will provide his or her contact information, history of chemical evaluations, and substance use or abue history. Once the paperwork is completed, the person being evaluated will meet with a MN-licensed therapist. The therapist will conduct the assessment through an interview. The interview is generally a back and forth conversation, where the therapist attempts to gain an understanding of the person’s unique situation. Oftentimes, questions will inquire on symptoms for alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, and substance dependence - which are now referred to by the medical community as substance use disorders. These symptoms include developing a tolerance to a drug, experiencing problems related to use, and/or cravings for a chemical such as marijuana or alcohol. The interview typically lasts about one hour.

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It is imperative to be truthful during the alcohol or chemical assessment. When working with an experienced, independent therapist - such as at the Alcohol Assessment Center (call phone 1.763.432.1311 to schedule) – the therapist is specially trained to advocate for you. Providing accurate information allows for the therapist to accurately assess a person’s situation and assist with any problems the person is experiencing. Honesty also reduces the risk of misdiagnosis and inaccurate chemical assessment recommendations.

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